Bootstrap the Litecoin Community Crowdfunding System


The Litecoin team have been doing very well. Besides regular updates of the Litecoin Core repository, we activated SegWit in 2017, which helped Bitcoin greatly with its SegWit activation. After that, we started to work together with leading tech startups like LND to make sure lightning network work smoothly on Litecoin. Recently, we are actively discussing with the community about MimbleWimble and Confidential Transactions from the technology and regulatory perspectives.

The advent of the Litecoin Foundation brought a mission to be a huge contributor to furthering the development and adoption of Litecoin as a decentralised currency. By relying on a modern corporate management model, the Foundation was able to conduct much more efficient and effective decision making, fundraising and fund management. We successfully held the Litecoin Summit in San Francisco last year, funded two full-time developers, and with great financial support from Charlie Lee and others, we launched multiple marketing campaigns this year to boost the awareness and adoption of Litecoin, and we are planning another Litecoin Summit this year in Las Vegas.